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TokTok, l'Égypte dessinée par ses auteurs, the best of TokTok stories anthology book, translated to French, 208 pages.

TokTok, l'Égypte dessinée par ses auteurs

  • 208 pages
    Language: French
    20x28 cm, Soft cover

    ISBN: 9782805204364

    Issued: September, 2018
    Tranlated by: Nadia Cherif

    Contributed Artists: Andeel, Shennawy, Makhlouf, Hicham Rahma, Tawfik, Mohammed Salah, Hagrassy, Migo, Ahmed Okacha, Anwar, Walid Taher.


  • Shipping to Europe, North Africa, The United States and Canada. 

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